We give a window into their customers’ minds. Using our state of the art neurotech and proprietary AI models, we decode the mental states of customers as they are presented with the products. Brain activity determines our perception. By reading this activity using our sleek, easy to use headphones we can decode the subject’s perception and  analze them. As an example, using this we are helping our edtech partners customize their curriculum to suit the needs of individual learners. Our analytics inform them about the level of comprehension, attention, confusion levels of the learners.  This enables them to create better content.
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Safe brain stimulation for augmented learning

Cognitive learning can be anything like learning a  new language or a scientific theory, reading a 100 page report and writing a summary etc. Basically a cognitive task is anything that requires a person to mentally acquire and organize new information.

Learning is a slow, iterative and expensive process. You keep failing for a while and then finally learn. We are creating an AI powered device for Augmented cognitive Learning.  With our technology cognitive tasks can be learnt faster compared to natural learning.



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We collect extremely complex and noisy brain signal.

Using a combination of state of the art EEG sensors, IoT in our custom build headphones, and mobile; we transmit brain waves in cloud AI.

Next with Deep Learning and Explainable AI models, we reconstruct cognitive states for an individualised learning experience.

The science behind

Using our wearable personal device we record the activity from the Prefrontal cortex and the Temporal lobes. We assess the amplitudes and synchrony of Alpha, Beta and Theta waves as these have been showed to be relevant for attention, learning and memory. We look at the power ratios of these waves and event related potentials to establish the subject’s engagement. Our Deep Learning AI and Convoluted Neural Networks form the bulwark of the decoding process.

Generic stimulation protocols have a very uniform and monotonic effect on the brain (left panel). This is not an effective way to provide tune ups to brain circuits. This is where our proprietary patterned stimulation will have a powerful impact (right panel). Different parts of the brain are activated to different extents in a predetermined manner, as depicted by the variety of colours spread throughout the cross section. As different brain regions are structurally different, they understand different patterns of stimulation.